"Unleashing the Eagle within..."



National reputation. Bill Murray, Co-founder and President of Eagle Learning Center, has developed a national reputation as a keynote speaker, particularly at national sales meetings and at our clients’ professional associations. Examples include: Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA), Uniform Textile Service Association (UTSA), International Association of Environmental Testing Laboratories (ACIL), and Picture Agency Council of America (PACA).

Regional reputation. Both Bill Murray and Dave Hueller (Co-founder and CEO of Eagle Learning Center) have developed regional reputations as keynote speakers in the Upper Midwest, particularly with our clients’ local and regional professional associations. Examples include: The Minnesota Bankers Association (MBA), Financial Women International (FWI), International Facilities Managers (IFM), Northwestern Lumber Association, APICS, and Partners for Quality.

Most frequently requested topics for keynote speeches.

Customized keynote speeches: Both Bill Murray and Dave Hueller are adept at integrating your key business issues or conference theme into their presentations.

Keynote speaking fees.
Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area: $4500
Out-of-town: $4500 plus travel expenses


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