"Unleashing the Eagle within..."



We offer many training options for yourself and your organization.  At the end of this page, you can review some of our sample topic outlines. 

How are we different from other training companies?

  • We believe that technique minus passion equals mediocrity. So our methods are holistic, emphasizing both skills and a deeper understanding of how people choose their own performance. We believe that individuals need to be trained emotionally as well as intellectually. The greatest barrier to performance is fear-fear of change, fear of making mistakes, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of pain, and fear of success. Eagle Learning Center helps people unleash their eagle within with concrete skills that enhance their self-discipline and emotional control, thereby bringing passion, not fear, to their performance.
  • We help you design and implement systems for communicating key ideas, insights, and skills. Training materials are developed for your system, not the other way around.
  • At Eagle Learning Center, we are teachers…not consultants. Our "consulting" is free-of-charge.

We are more than a training company...

Educating people on-the-job requires a very different approach than attending classes at a technical school or university. Our extensive experience in helping organizations increase sales, retain customers, and build productive workplaces has taught us how to structure sessions that encourage on-the-job application.

You've got options...

You have options for how and where you and your employees will view/take our training. We have been going out to businesses to do in-person training for years now. Bill is an exceptional public speaker and keeps his audience engaged and active during the presentations. You can also take the training in our online learning area. Learning online offers more flexability. We offer 3 month programs during which you can take the lessons at your own pace. To read more about our online training click here.

When and Where is training necessary?

We all need the best methods we can find for learning new skills. But unless our learning is self-motivated, we are unlikely to use it. Eagle Learning helps you decide what-if any-training your people will need, when it should occur in relation to your promising business opportunities, and how it should be implemented to insure that your people are energized and ready to learn.

Example Topic Areas:

To review example topic areas, click on one of the business categories below:
Everyone Covers areas that can apply to all people.
Sales These topics have been designed to assist your sales force.
Service Covering service-oriented areas, including customer service.
Leadership If you or your staff offer management/leadership to your organization, then these topics are important.




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