"Unleashing the Eagle within..."


Training - Core Selling


You are a veteran salesperson who is being told constantly, by customers and your management alike, that "It's a new game out there." So you have been looking for a new idea, a new way of selling that will put you back where you want to be: in control of your destiny.

Or, you are relatively new to sales, and you are determined to master "the basics". You are looking for a time-tested formula that, if you master, will insure your success.

Insure your success. Control your destiny. These are powerful ideas. What sales process, what set of closing skills, what plan for networking gets to the core of these powerful ideas? The course Core Selling takes the approach that most salespeople already know what they should do. So the core problem is emotional, not lack of knowledge.


Participants learn the emotional skills needed to rethink the toughest objections they are hearing. They are reminded of the basics of consultative problem solving and are challenged to apply what they already know.


Participants learn in a small group, highly interactive format that includes large and small group discussion, brief lectures, experiential exercises, and application to their own sales situations.

Review of the [universally accepted] Consultative Sales Process

  • Establishing trust 
  • Presenting potential benefit statement 
  • Determining needs 
  • Presenting a targeted solution 
  • Asking for the order 
  • Following through

The Real Barriers to Selling

  • Surprises and their effect on sales performance 
  • Choosing to feel as we want: duck and eagle choices 
  • Fear and irresponsibility 
  • The 4 Musts 
  • Self-management technique: Interrupt, Challenge, Concentrate

Problem Solving with Customers

  • The R-O-L-A-I-D-S process 
  • Applying R-O-L-A-I-D-S to toughest objections 
  • 4 Self-affirming beliefs for salespeople

Seminar Length and Implementation

  • 1 day 
  • Offered as a customized, in-house session. 


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