"Unleashing the Eagle within..."


Training - ReFocused On The Customer


This three-hour workshop is designed, as one of our clients has said, to provide "an illuminated road map" through one of the key business paradoxes of the 21st Century:

To be competitive, organizations are making huge investments in quality improvement and customer satisfaction

and yet

The kind of commitment and creativity required from individual employees to deliver world class quality and exceptional service can not be mandated or systematically controlled

The workshop helps participants examine two key strategies that organizations may wish to consider in response to this paradox:

1. To build a culture that encourages commitment and creativity


2. To provide skills and insights to all employees re: their responsibility for their own performance

Through a combination of large group presentation, small and large group discussion, and experiential exercises, participants in the workshop would learn:

  • Seven core values that create focus on the customer. 
  • Whose responsibility it is to live those core values. 
  • Whether their organization is currently practicing those core values. 
  • The difference between giving away services vs. continually surprising the customer with value added service. 
  • How to unleash creativity on behalf of the customer. 
  • The absolute necessity of everyone taking personal responsibility for their actions. 
  • How trusting each other means that customers trust-or don't trust-the organization. 
  • How self esteem affects our performance-and customers. 
  • The role of mistakes in building an organization that doesn't make many errors.


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