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Training - Why do Salespeople Fail?


Sales managers have a tough job. They are responsible and accountable for sales. Customers are demanding higher levels of quality and responsiveness than ever before, yet typically sales managers have little control over what's delivered.

The popular notion is that sales managers must get their people to "sell differently". For example, many sales managers are trying to get their people to "Call higher in the customer organization" and to "Be more strategic." Meanwhile, many sales managers suspect that now, more than ever before, their salespeople need to "Execute the basics."


To help participating sales managers correctly assess their people, their organization, their market-and themselves-for the purpose of focusing their efforts on two things:

  1. where their effort will make the greatest difference, and
  2. in ways that will have the most impact.


Participants in this Eagle Learning Center course will receive confidential feedback from their salespeople, their own manager, and themselves as to their current performance. That feedback will provide a backdrop for large and small group discussion, brief lectures, video, experiential exercises, and personal action planning.

Why Do Salespeople Fail?

  • Individual and group response compared to research findings 
  • Four factors of effectiveness: - Knowledge and Expertise - Communication (Sales) Skills - Encouragement - Attitude 
  • Good news, bad news of research findings

The Phases of Growth

  • Your organization 
  • Your individual salespeople 
  • You as a sales manager

What Really Drives Results: What the Manager Can Do

  • 1 on 1 management vs. managing the culture 
  • Satisfaction and communication norms

Barriers to Performance

  • The myths: what's "new" in selling 
  • Management and individual attitude: you can't give away what you don't own

Seminar Length and Implementation

  • 1 day 
  • Offered both as a public seminar and as a customized, in-house process



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